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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Health care
  • Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Carla has been given focus. She was scattered before joining the program. She has found better ways to set and maintain her goals.


Hi everyone, I'm Carla , I'm from Montreal, Canada. I want, guys, talk to you a little bit about the Consulting Accelerator program from Sam Ovens that I started. I haven't even finished yet, but I just started and I'm really thrilled about what I'm finding so far. Before coming across this program, I would say my life, my goals were a bit scattered, I didn't know exactly what to focus on, what to focus on, where to go, and mainly this program has given me a little bit of clarity regarding goal-setting. During the program, the huge part, I think, that has changed my life, a little bit of how it's going for me, it's in mind support. It's how to set your mind to where you want to go, and give yourself means to get there. This program has helped me a lot with that, and I'm really, really grateful and thankful to Sam for that. I already have hope, and bigger aspirations as goals with the program, because it has changed how I look at business, how I look at doing what I love in life and going after it. So I would definitely recommend it to everyone who's struggling or wants to get more input from someone who's done the job, who's done the research, who's in there, in the top of the game. So definitely go for it, get in the Ovens string, and just enjoy your life at the fullest potential. All right, see you guys. All the best.