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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Physical Therapists
  • Location: Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Are broken bones a good thing? Usually not, but watch how Jayne explain how a broken ankle led her to discovering Sam Ovens.


Hi, this is Jane Wells from London in the UK. I would just like to tell you a bit about Sam Ovens Consultancy Program. So as fate would have it, I managed to go out running and break my ankle. So I was sitting there feeling quite sorry for myself and came across a webinar by Sam Ovens. So having spent a couple of years dabbling with my consultancy business, I really thought I needed some structure and so I invested in his program. To be perfectly honest, I was absolutely blown away by the structure, the clarity, the step by step way that he teaches, he's so authentic, he really, really walks his talk and I mean, I was just absolutely blown away. So now I'm actually in the program, I have got complete vision. I know exactly the steps I need to take, I've followed Sam's Consultancy Program by the letter. It's hard work because if you want to do something well you have to put the effort in, but the fact is, he really knows how to teach. So everything is broken down in a step by step manner and you work on one module and once you've worked on that you work through to the next and to the next and to the next. So all I can say is that now I've got clarity, I know exactly where I'm going with my business, I can't thank Sam enough, it's absolutely a brilliant, brilliant program. If you're thinking about investing, don't question it, it's absolutely worth the investment and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. So onwards and upwards and things have really changed since I've done Sam's course. Thanks Sam, really pleased. Thank you so much, bye.