5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Health care
  • Location: Hildenborough, Kent, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Prior to the course the customer felt trapped in the daily routine. He didn't have the know how or even the knowledge that there is a whole other world out there and become your own boss After the course the customer loved the entire process and the system and but not initially due to the fact that he jumped around week to week. Instead of going through the system like he should. Since then he has followed the system he was able to follow and implement them in his business.


Hi guys. My name is Spencer, I'm from London in the U.K. Life before Sam Oven's course, I was a Doctor, working long hours, doing lots of night shifts. Felt trapped inside a job that I enjoyed, but wasn't 100% passionate about. I knew there were other things out there, but I just didn't know how to access those things. I didn't know how to get into what Sam Oven's teaches about. I didn't have an idea that it was even there, really. One finds that when you work in a job like I was working you become quite focused and tunnel visioned on that one career path. Yes, there are other things in midst that you can do, but you don't really realize that there's this whole other world out there, which is the world that Sam Oven's teaches. That's really exciting and inspirational. So, obviously, you saw his Punk Advert on the Facebook feed and clicked on, felt some type of connection with him, and signed up for the course. Course has been amazing. Going through the course has been really phenomenal. I think he speaks really well when he does the course. The materials are good, he gives you everything you need, he explains you shouldn't jump ahead, which is really important not to do, to go through it methodically, piece after piece, step by step. That's a mistake I made. I kind of jumped a little bit here and there, and got to a point where I felt that I knew enough, so didn't end up finishing some of the course material. But I've gone back and rectified that and that's made a big difference as well. So, you got to make sure that you do the steps as he says. Do all the exercises that he asks you to do, and move on to the next step. Don't ever go ahead. Don't stop. You gotta finish the course, 'cause there's stuff right at the end of the course that is really valuable. So the effect that it's had on my life, so far, is that it's really broadened my horizons. It's made me think about a whole of other possibilities. I've started to implement my own business and get clients. It's a process that you have to go through, persisting and I'm looking forward to really going through his new material. It's basically getting a whole new course. Then I'll be able to compare the differences between the new material and the old material. It's going to give me more tools to make sure that I'm successful. I think Sam really does care, and that's something that's really important as well. Caring is important, and the value that he gives is incredible. Community is great, lots of good advice, and just keep going, guys. All the best, take care.