5 Rating:
  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Weight loss
  • Location: Columbus, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Consulting Accelerator, Robert was uncertain about what he wanted. During the program he dove in deep into the training and after going through the content he would recommend the training for any business owner since the value given far exceeds the initial investment.


Hello, my name is Robert Bland and I just wanted to give a quick review for Sam Oven's consulting Accelerator course. Before I started the program, I didn't really even know what I wanted and I started seeing some of his ads on YouTube and they immediately just kind of hooked my attention and from that moment on I really dove deep into his courses and realized how much value they offered. If you're thinking about investing in it, it is pretty expensive but as a business owner I can tell you that it's extremely valuable for what you get in the program, especially if you're trying to transition into consulting and you have no background. It really does give you an excellent step by step process on how to take something that you know and really make a super scalable business out of it. Yeah, I would definitely rate it like a five out of five. It's a really great program. It covers pretty much every aspect of becoming a consultant and how to become successful as a consultant and get more clients, really how to do everything in step by step, super clear. I was dabbling before the program in things on my own, just side projects, not really anything to do with consulting and if you don't follow a step by step program it is so confusing on what you should be doing but just buying his program makes it so clear and simple that it's really a great product. If you're on the fence I would recommend it personally and that's all I have to say. Thanks guys.