4 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Health/Fitness
  • Location: Nanaimo, BC, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before starting the Consulting Accelerator, Germana was having doubts. After starting to go through the program, she started making changes to the way she thought about business. She has used it to find solutions to the problems she was facing and recommends this program for anybody looking to get out of the rat race.


Hello, my name is Germana Rovinelli. I live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. I'm going to share my experience about purchasing the Consulting Accelerator with Sam Ovens. Before I purchased the program I had quite a few concerns and doubts about my ability to stay current and relevant in the consulting field as a service provider. Once I actually purchased the program I saw that my mindset needed to be reevaluated. I saw clearly that what I had been doing for the last few years was clearly outdated and that I needed to make some changes in how I thought and how I looked at business. It offered me many ways of finding solutions that otherwise I would not have been able to do. After I looked at the whole program I recognized that I still have some work to do and I think that it's an excellent program. The value for what I've paid, for what I've learned so far is incredible and I would completely recommend this program to anyone that wants to get out of the rat race of working hard for money. I'm still in the process of discovering and redesigning my niche. I would recommend anyone that wants to be relevant in the next ten or fifteen years, to purchase this program. Thank you.