5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Health/Wellness
  • Location: Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before working with Sam, Donna was struggling to find qualified people to talk to and was looking for an easier way to reach people online. During the program she found everything very enjoyable and has been able to start building her own business online. She would absolutely recommend the program to others who are considering joining.


Hi. My name is Donna and I'm from Auckland, New Zealand. I have been in the network marketing industry for four years now, and before I did this program with Sam I really struggled to find people to talk to, qualified people to talk to. I felt like I had used up my existing database of people and I just wanted to find an easier way that I could reach people online, considering that I'm a single mom and I'm unable to go out and do a lot of the traditional methods that people might do, networking events, socializing, that kind of thing, with having my young daughter. Whilst I was doing the program, I really enjoyed it. I actually really crammed it in and did it in a month, just because I really loved the content and I really wanted to pick up my game online. After using the program with Sam I absolutely loved it, I helped build up my own business online. I started doing some stuff for myself first, just to make sure that I was happy and content to offer my services to others and I really helped bringing some sales for my business, and then I started helping other people do the same with their. So I have a quite defined niche, helping health and wellness professionals get more clients through digital marketing. I absolutely love it. It's giving me another income, as well as my network marketing income. And I would definitely recommend this program to other people. My history is corporate, I didn't exactly have a niche, so I actually used the digital marketing helping other people as my niche. So yes, absolutely would recommend this to anybody else who's considering it. Thanks.