5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Health care
  • Location: Perpignan, Occitanie, France
  • Consulting Accelerator

Stephane used Consulting Accelerator to change his point of view on business and was able to gain valuable lessons from the program. He has been able to save time and avoid a lot of mistakes as he is gaining confidence for growing his business.


Hi, I'm from France. I'm going to talk about Sam's training program. What I can say is that Sam's program have been for me like a trigger to jump into the entrepreneur journey and to take actions. I was a full-time job consultant before and I was willing to buy the company but I didn't have any idea. Then, I take Sam's program and he changed the way I was looking at business, and he gave me a very valuable lessons from the field and helped me get a foot in the door of having and growing a business. Watching Sam's video for me is like a regular motivational and educational injections that can take anytime and that keep me focused right away at my business, save time and avoid a lot of mistakes. Now, I feel much more confident. I can get very valuable advices from the community and it's really useful to have this support. I will really recommend Sam's training program because it's worth it and I will say that Sam has changed my mindset and he keeps changing my mindset and he's also changing my life as a consequence. Go for it. It's really good stuff. Thank you.