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5 Rating:
  • Level: 7 Figures
  • Niche: Health Care
  • Location: Naperville, IL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

David joined the program and was able to fill in all of the gaps which he was looking to fill. He highly recommends the program and is looking forward to scaling his business to the 7-figures moving forward.


Hey there everybody. David Parayha from Chicago here. Wanted to take a minute and leave a testimonial about Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator course. Just a brief history, I've been a consultant for about six years, been personally mentored since I started by the world's leading franchise consultant, a man I've known since I was a child, started the world's most incredible franchising agency. I thought I had a real advantage as a consultant, and I did, but I found out once I starting taking Sam's course and learning everything all the gaps that I needed filled that maybe I didn't want to bug my mentor about, Sam filled it all in and it's all there for me. I can access it at any time I want. I can use the videos. I can printout the handouts and I can read them over. I can read my notes. I can tap into the conference calls. I can tap into the Facebook page. It's all there, one complete system. Speaking of franchises, it's almost like buying a franchise for a small fee compared to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a franchise. You can buy this consulting accelerator, have no overhead and make money like big franchises do because of what Sam teaches you and how to scale your business and how to market it, how to acquire clients and how to build scalability into your business. It's really an incredible course. I've taken it and immediately applied the concepts to my current clients, which has helped me to make more money in less time. I'm in the phase of starting to get ready to launch and build my business. I have plans in the next 18 months to build it into the high six figures, into the seven figures. Sam's taught me how to do it to scalability and everything else that he includes in there. I highly recommend it. It's an amazing course. You can tap into the Facebook group. You can get testimonials when you're feeling doubtful. You can post questions, people answer. It's a whole community. I was lacking all of this before. I highly recommend the course. Go ahead and pull the trigger. You only live once. I look forward to seeing you inside on the Facebook and hearing you on the conference calls. If there's anything I can do please feel welcome to reach out. Until then, take care and God bless.