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Gordon speaks highly of Consulting Accelerator. He is using it to transition to a better business model to suit his personal and professional needs.


Hi everyone. My name's Gordon Conroy. I'm Australian as you can probably tell by my accent, based in Montreal at the moment. I run my own business. It is a fairly high-stress business. It takes me away from home a fair bit, and I really don't have a decent life, and what I want to do is get into online consulting to provide me with more home time, more quality of life here. So what I did is I enrolled in Sam's course, and the thing is, I'm a little bit older than most of the people probably out there, the people I've definitely seen with Sam, which means while I'm not an online, social media numpty, I'm not as adept as most people. So the course, for me, has been excellent inasmuch as it has taken me step by step through this and easy to grasp and more importantly apply on the ground, so to speak. It's a great course, and now I'm currently transitioning from what I do, which is a good, lucrative business, but I don't want the stress and I don't want the time away from home, to a more home-based, less stressful, still lucrative business. So ideal in that sense if that's what you want to do as well, for I do, and it's applicable to me, very much so. The package that is being produced is excellent, and as we say in Australia, Sam's been down a number of dry gullies. So what that means is he's made all the mistakes, he's proven the product, he's now produced something that I think you can pick up and run with straightaway, at least I can. So would I recommend it? Absolutely. Do I think it's lucrative? Absolutely. So the proof's in the pudding, and really you haven't got a lot to lose in trying it out is the way I see it. So I'll leave it there. That's my five cents worth. Thanks.