5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Dentists
  • Location: Arnold, MO, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Prior to the training, Josh had a successful business in physical products - but was looking to add another business to his portfolio in offering services. After enrolling, he was able to generate sales within just a few weeks and was thrilled with his investment decision.


Hello. My name is Josh Lamp and I'm from Saint Louis and I wanted to give a quick testimonial here for Sam Oven's consulting accelerator. Before joining his consulting accelerator, I owned a couple of physical products companies and an eCommerce company where we sell on Amazon and Ebay. Those companies have been very successful for me but what I like about Sam's course is it's taught us to bring in a lot of cash flow and most importantly it's bringing in recurring revenue. His program ha inspired us to create a digital marketing agency. We've just started the program, brought in 65 hundred dollars. Again, this is recurring revenue so it's really neat. There's no doubt that we'll be able to bring well over 100K per month with the program. During the program, it's been really neat learning the different methods of consulting. It's just something I definitely recommend to others. Like I said, we're going to make a fortune with this but most importantly this is going to secure our financial future. It's going to help protect my family's financial future. Just something that's really important to us and something I highly recommend. The program's been very easy to follow. It's just something that's definitely been life changing to us. I would certainly recommend it to others. Thank you.