5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Organic Consulting
  • Location: Williamsport, PA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Lindsay joined the program looking for a way to produce income from home. During the program she was super-motivated as she was learning tons of new skills.


Do you believe in magic? Because I do. Hi. My name's Lindsay . I'm from Pennsylvania. Country girl, with a heart for the city, yet keeping it native. Before I joined the program, mother of two, just hit my 30s, and looking to find a way to make income from home. During the program, super motivated. Like, getting on there, taking notes, imagining, dreaming, laying out all these options. However, in the dreaming stage, I got held up, and I'm still in the middle of the program. I actually think I finally settled. I had about 10 different pathways to choose from, so now I want to be an organic consultant. I have to go back and finish the program, and then I can give another testimonial of my success, but I'm still in it for now, to be honest, and I would totally recommend it. Thinking of offering it to my dad, even, like once I get successful, giving it to him as a present, you know? Because that motivation, the design, the layout, the analysis, everything that has gone into it is just on par. So I totally recommend it. I think it's worth actually taking your time, because it's your pathway, and it's your passion. It's not about just success, but it's about inner success. Peace, love, and pancakes, and freedom, and spirit, and mind, and heart, and soul. Reach for the stars.