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  • Location: Fate, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Chris is a Digital Marketer and reads 3-4 books a month on his field. At first he was a skeptic and after signing up, he saw the how jam packed the course was with content and appreciates Sam transparency and diligence. Chris realized his old practices held him back and as a generalist your potency is diminished. Chris says Sam formula is truly a game changer and was impressed by the overall content.


Hey, my name is Chris . I've been a digital marketer for 11 years. I currently read two to four books a month on marketing, sales, self-betterment, and many other areas. When I was first targeted by Sam's Consulting Accelerator, I was very skeptical. I watched his video, and then I decided not to do it. Months later, I was re-targeted, and I thought, well, let me watch the video again. I thought about it, and I decided to do it. I converted and I'm very glad I did. One of the best decisions I've ever made. The course is packed full of so much content. You can tell Sam put a lot of time and effort into this, and he is not withholding anything. He's very transparent and gives all of the info and everything that he took to make himself a super successful consultant. It's very apparent. My life before Consulting Accelerator, I would say I was doing most of the work myself. When I would get new clients in, I would get even more busy. I wasn't outsourcing any work, and also, I wasn't really marketing myself. There's a stat out there that says that nine out of 10 marketers rely on word-of-mouth referrals as their main lead source. I was actually part of that stat. I was relying on word-of-mouth referrals, and I may get one to three referrals a month, and I may close them. The problem is, these referrals could be in any kind of niche, and it may not be a niche that you want to market it in. The other problem is if you're focusing on multiple niches, then you're not really specialized in one niche. The Consulting Accelerator course goes very deep into that, and it's very valuable. Life during the Consulting Accelerator course, I mean, it's packed full of great content. There's so much gold in it. My favorites were the seven-figure sales script. Again, I've read a lot of books, a lot of sales books, and Sam really covers all bases on this. It's very valuable, especially for when you are ... I mean, you got to think. If you're getting in front of 10, 20, 30, 100 people, and you can close more deals versus not having a sales script or not knowing how to close, I mean, it's a game changer. Everybody needs to know how to sell. There's also some content on mindset, which I was surprised to see. I was actually impressed and it was really good info. Then of course, the information on marketing was very good too. I've been a digital marketer for 11 years. I've seen just about everything, and Sam really covered his bases and went to great lengths to provide all information, all resources, everything that's worked for him. I'm really impressed by all of the information that he shared in the Consulting Accelerator. Life after Consulting Accelerator, well, it's only been a day or two, but I can say that I feel like I have a better mindset since before I started and I feel a lot more confident in my abilities and what I'm able to do. A lot more specialized, and I'm putting myself out there in my own network as well as out of my own network, which is something I didn't do before. Now, I will have access to a larger pool of customers, which I'm excited for. Getting in front of lot of customers mixed with a really awesome sales script to help you close these deals, I mean, there's no way you can't win. I actually have a few opportunities that came up in my own network. One is a company that currently is spending $9,000 a month on digital marketing, and I can really help them. Another is spending $1,000 a month, and another is $2,500 a month. I may or may not have been able to close all three of these prior to the course, but now that I have the seven-figures sales script and I know what questions to ask and how to direct the call, I feel super confident in these, and I feel confident that I'll close all three of them. If not, maybe two of the three. Of course, I would definitely recommend this course to any entrepreneur that wants to make a lot of many, any consultant that wants to make a lot of money. This doesn't apply to just digital marketing. Anybody could do this. If you offer weight loss or yoga, any product or service that you offer, this course would be beneficial to you. Now, I will say, if you're a digital marketer, I don't want you to take this course because I don't want you to have all the gold that I do. Now, I'm joking, of course there's enough work out there to go around. Definitely look at this course and take it seriously. This is the only course I've ever taken. Again, I'm very skeptical, and I'm very glad I took this course. This is the first and last course I'll ever take, and I'm very glad I did. Thank you so much, and good luck out there. Bye-bye.