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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Health Coach
  • Location: Sprimont, Liege, Belgium
  • Consulting Accelerator

Caroline was searching for meaning in her life. She came across the consulting accelerator program and working toward creating her business to be a health coach. She is confident moving forward that she will be able to implement the action steps in the program and start her business.


Hi there. Kelly Leebro from Belgium. So this is my story here. I'm actually working in the investment fund industry and six months ago, following an accident, I asked myself, "Okay. Am I happy in my career, in my life? What's the meaning I want for my life?" The answer was not definitely yes to all those questions. So following deeply a reflection, I realized that what I want to be is a health coach, which is really far away from what I'm actually. I decided to engage in a lot of courses and training to get the knowledge I need to start this new career, but quickly I realize so that what I need is a sort of plan to implement this business and I discovered Sam's programs. I decided to jump in parallel in this program. This was really the best decision I took at this stage because with Sam's support, I can concentrate my time and my energy really on getting the knowledge I need to start this new career, because Sam is taking the lead on the rest. He's guiding me in each step to implement this new business. This is just awesome for me, because just imagine what will be my life and my day. If I need to ... Once I get the knowledge I need to implement and be a health coach and on the other side, all the questions I should ask myself and think about to implement practically this business. I would like really to encourage everybody who is thinking about changing his career to get support of Sam. Without his support, I think I would be really far away from where I am actually. I would like to take this video as an opportunity to thanks deeply Sam for his support he is giving to me and the motivation of his story. He is really encouraging me to succeed as he did. Please take action and be engaged in Sam's program.