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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Nutritionists/dietitians
  • Location: Seoul, Seoul, South Korea
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before starting the Consulting Accelerator Course, John had some other failed businesses. After going through the course, he now feels confident he can build a lucrative Digital Marketing business and has learned a lot.


Hey, this is John Murphy from Seoul, South Korea. Today, I'm going to tell you about Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator online training program. Before I joined the program, I had a couple of field business attempts. I was about to join another program called The Foundation, however I decided to enroll in Sam's program because it was less expensive and it seemed to get results faster. During the program, I learned a lot from Sam. He has some of the best content in the world. Specifically, he teaches you how to improve your mindset, gives you a killer sales script, and I've heard the Facebook Ad section is awesome. The content is really, really good. However, I wish delivery and customer support were a little better. For example, I opened a support ticket about missing content six months ago but the content is still missing. I haven't finished Consulting Accelerator yet, but already I feel a big boost in confidence. I am positive I can create a very lucrative digital marketing consulting business. I would and have recommended this program to others. Thank you.