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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Fitness
  • Location: Quebec, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the program the member was in school and felt that the info was outdated to him. The member joined the course and is in week 4 and he has gained more purpose. He is still trying to gain clients and is perfecting his process.


Hi. My name is Daniel Matto and I'm from Montreal, Canada. Before the program, my life consisted of studying and attending my university classes which I honestly didn't even enjoy that much. I would be learning irrelevant information that was outdated in the business world, and it was more theoretical than hands on. I just want to note that basically I am in the process of completing the program and I am in week four of it. By being enrolled in the program, my life feels more purposeful now as I have learned quite a bit of interesting and witty information on how to obtain prospects. However, the only issue that I have is that I am still yet to hear back from my prospects even after using the direct outreach method, the lumpy mail method, and even after conducting some strategy sessions. Even though I used the sale objections script from week two of the training, it still didn't help me close deals from my 12 strategy sessions that I had so far. For the fourth question, I can't really answer it now due to the fact that I'm still currently enrolled in the program and I haven't completed it yet. However, I just hope to land myself my first high volume client at value of $2,000 Canadian dollars per month. Lastly, overall, I have learned quite a bit from the program and would consider recommending it to others only once it works out for me. I have taken plenty of notes, I studied the information day in and day out, and basically I applied everything that I learned so far in the videos, however I was not able to obtain a client within the past three weeks time. Once I would start receiving a high volume client of over $2,000 per month, then I will definitely recommend it to everyone. A critique that I would like to add is that even though we will be hiring contractors, it would be great to have videos on understanding the fundamentals of SEO and Google AdWords and learn how to make them as this would give us a better understanding of the concepts behind then and it would also give us more confidence when it comes to explaining it to our prospects during our strategy sessions. Thank you.