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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Pregnant Women
  • Location: Baraboo, WI, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jacqueline is preparing to go for more schooling in the medical field and had some beliefs about her future that weren't ideal. She has been able to develop a powerful everlasting mindset, and knows she will be debt free after attending medical school thanks to the skills she is acquiring in this program. She recommends the program to others looking for financial independence.


Hello my name is Jacqueline Rodriguez, I currently live in Wisconsin. I moved from Puerto Rico about a year ago and my life before this program was completely normal. Work seven to four, and I'm a future surgeon who's planning to go to med school in a couple years, and I thought I was going to have thousands of dollars in debt just like everybody else who enters this field. Now during this program, I've gotten a mindset that is completely priceless and is going to help me throughout my entire career. Now I'm starting week three, so I still don't have the one client, but I'm willing to give a testimonial because I know that my life is going to be completely different and completely amazing. After this I will be able to have financial independence and I will be able to do my school without no loans, so that is completely outstanding. Now I recommend this to anybody who's willing to do the work, to take the risk, and wants to have that financial independence and that freedom, and I'm sure I'll be giving future testimonials.