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  • Location: Irvine, United States
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Steve is learning every day and growing to help him reach his goals moving forward.


Hey, guys. Steve Patton. I'm from California. I want to talk a little bit about my background. Prior to purchasing Sam Ovens, I was in the medical industry for a lot of years, and I worked also as a consultant and a clinical psychotherapist, helping a lot of people, but the truth was I wasn't working for myself, so an opportunity to leave that corporate world and to start for myself just came not to long ago. Sam Ovens popped up on Facebook at the right time, and I purchased his program, and it seems like it's been a godsend to learn a lot of things that I just didn't know about setting up practice for myself. I'm really grateful to Sam, and I appreciate all the things that he's taught me. A lot of things I didn't know. I didn't come from an IT industry, so I wasn't really too savvy on a lot of computer processes, but I learned, and I'm learning every day still. Hopefully, this program will continue to train me to be all that I can be and continue on toward my dreams and goals. Thanks again, Sam. Good luck to everyone. Thanks for this opportunity. God bless.