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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Dentists
  • Location: Long Beach, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before working with Sam, Chad was at a corporate job and had reached a point where he could feel more fulfilled personally and financially. He learned a ton of mindset techniques and reshaped the way he sees the world. He has grown his business into the 6-figures and would recommend this program.


Hi. This is a video for Sam. This is Chad here in Long Beach, California talking about the course. Before Sam I was working at a corporate job, specifically Space X, doing IT work and had been doing the corporate environment, office jobs for about 20 plus years. I just kind of reached a point where I was just done. It wasn't really my thing anymore and I needed something that was a little more fulfilling, more freeing and more financially rewarding. During the course I learned a lot of things in regards to mindset, strategies, tactics that I had no idea about. It really expanded my knowledge and just reshaped the way I thought, reshaped the way I see the world. When you're in the corporate world, as I was, you're constantly competing for position, you're constantly competing for resource. As an entrepreneur the world becomes just much more abundant. If you come from a place where you're serving the people that you're targeting, you're serving your audience, you're creating value, you're creating solutions, that's one of the key things I've learned from Sam's course is that you provide a service, provide solutions, create value and you'll be rewarded. What he was able to do was to help me connect the dots, put different things together in a way that it just kind of streamlines the process. Currently I've got a handful of clients that pay me anywhere between 1,500 to 5,000 a month. It's pretty comfortable. It's pretty good. I'm here in my backyard right now. It's Wednesday morning here in Southern California. It's a little gloomy. It's a lot better than where I was before. Looking forward, it's just a matter of scaling and if I want to make more money I just got to go out and hustle a little bit harder. Having a system in place, having a process in place really helps to make that happen easily and efficiently versus going out to ask for a raise, as what a lot of us had been kind of conditioned to to do. Would I recommend this program? Absolutely, yeah. If anything, you're going to learn a lot about yourself, you're going to learn a lot about just pushing your boundaries, kind of getting our of your comfort zone. There's lots of strategies and tools and tactics that's very valuable, but it's the mindset part was what I really appreciated because look, if you're looking for a change in your life, if you're looking for to make a difference in your personal life, you have to expect you to come out the other end a different person. For me, it meant new friends, new people, surrounding myself with the new environments, and as a result it's going to reflect. It's going to reflect on your quality of life, your bank account, and so and so forth. Anyways, check out the course. It's great. There's more than just about making money. It's more than just about creating a freedom lifestyle. It's really about redeveloping and shaping yourself and then the rest will follow. Thanks Sam and appreciate everything you've done and take care. Bye.