5 Rating:
  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Healthcare
  • Location: Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Ammar wasn't finding a lot of success with his business and was not seeing results. He joined the program and was able to really focus in on what he was great at and could help clients with. He utilized the information he learned inside the program to attract and land new clients, as well as boost his confidence. He recommends the programs to others.


Hi. My name is from Birmingham, United Kingdom. I run a digital agency which specializes in creating mobile web and IoT apps, mainly for the healthcare sector. Before I bought Sam's training, I was doing my side business. I was doing it for about three years with little or no success. I started with web design and thought that leafleting in the local area may benefit, but it brought little results and whatever clients I got through that mode of marketing were low net worth clients. It was not really worth the effort, looking retrospectively. The key problem with me was that I did not have a coherent message and a niche to target for. Apart from that, I was being distracted by all types of marketing techniques. Some people were saying that you should do social media marketing, some people were saying that you should go for networking events. Some coaches were saying something else, so it was all quite confusing for me. I saw Sam's ad on Facebook and watched his first video which comes with that ad, the free video, which led me to buy the program. The whole message in that first video very much resonated with me. It also focused on high net worth clients only. I had personally experienced that it was not worth going after smaller clients. Although a new business may think that he needs to work small, or work with smaller clients, and then eventually he will grow and jump off to high net worth clients, but it doesn't work that way I'm afraid. Sam showed me to select a niche and define the value proposition in a way. From Sam, I learnt the seven figures script which really goes off to great depths of human psychology and uses the thought process of the client to make a successful close. Sam's lead generation is next to none, too. The organic Facebook ads, the lump email and the direct outreach are all simple but effective methods. Overall, the key thing the training brings you is the confidence in your consultancy, and ward off all those nagging doubts which is so important. I have yet to finish off the full training track, but I would definitely recommend to others who are looking for a consultancy or coaching business. Thank you very much.