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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Health & Wellness Industry
  • Location: Virginia Beach, VA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Elise has been running her consulting business on the side of her 9-5 job. She is planning on going full-time into consulting and in just 2 weeks of the program she is already landing clients.


Hi. I'm Elise Walton from Virginia Beach, Virginia. I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for this program. I am currently have a full time job and I have side business doing a little bit of consulting and massage therapy. I wanted to create this so that when it was time for me to retire, I already have a full-fledged side business ready to take the place of the full time job. At the time, right now I'm just taking a few clients here and there, here and there. Even though I'm two weeks old into this program, I can already see a difference. It has helped me really redefine my business and be a little bit more focused with what I have to do. What caught my eye was the layout of this program, of how precise it was and everything is you do your homework each week for six weeks. If you just stay focused onto those task then you can accomplish your goals. I'm really excited about that. Just doing two weeks into this, I can already see a difference and where I want my business to go. When it's time for me to phase out of my career, then I have my new career already up and running and I'm not starting from scratch because you, Sam, you have already done all the legwork and the homework that I would've spent hours and hours and hours trying to create. I really appreciate that and because I already see my business taking off into that new direction, I can't wait to, when I get finished with this program, where it's going to take me because I can already see a difference. Thank you very much.