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  • Level: Making Money
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  • Location: Everett, MA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Daniel loves the Facebook mastermind community for the fact that ideas can be spread and Sam gives his feedback inside. He believes that the sales training and the mindset training is all you need to translate your skills into having a successful business. He hopes to see others in the course.


Hey, how's it going? My name is Dan . I'm from Boston, Massachusetts. I'm just here to share my take aways and about my experience from going the Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator. My background is, I'm a CPA, Certified Public Accountant. I also have a background as a real estate investor. As an accountant I've always been on a salary. I've always had an entrepreneurial itch, but working so many hours as an accountant, I never had a way to translate my time to create a business. That's when I came across Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator. It got me real excited because finally there was a way that I could basically takes skills that I'd acquired over time, and translate those into a business. I didn't have to put in a ton of time getting it all set up. Going through the course, it's been amazing. Sam has a proven roadmap that tons of other people have gone through with huge success. What I love about it is, he's got the Consulting Mastermind Community. It's got thousands of other aspiring entrepreneurs and people who are in the trenches, already getting huge success with the course, that you can bounce ideas off of as you're going through the process. Within that consulting community. Sam is in there personally talking to people. Which I'm amazed about, how he puts his time into giving really great feedback to people. Also, Sam has a staff, so they're also in there helping. Also, they have weekly calls that you can ask questions on, too. So you've got that. Then going through the course, I just really love ... The Mindset Training alone makes it worth it. Honestly, I've gotten so much value out of just the mindset, that even if you don't do consulting and you just take the mindset part, that's totally worth it, first of all. Then you've also got the sales training, which is also incredible. Between those, Sam really arms you with all the skills that you need. You're surrounded by the community, and then all the skills that Sam teaches. All together, those are all you need. The sky's the limit. After I've been going through this, I feel so confident that I'm going to crush it in the future. I can't recommend this more highly to you for the same reasons. If you want to be able to make money on demand, and stop trading your time for salary or hourly work, this is a proven roadmap that you can go and translate your skills, with Sam's materials, into your own business right away. I hope to see you in the course.