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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: We help busy business owners save time and money through virtual assistance.
  • Location: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Consulting Accelerator

-started co in feb '17, but couldn't sell -post-program, intrigued by Sam's pitch


Hi. My name is Louise Collet and I'm from Oakland. In February this year, my friend, Lisa, and I started our own company. It's called Time Tamers and we're virtual assistants. We had so much fun setting up the company we couldn't start to work, but when I walked into I would fumble over my words and I wouldn't sell any of our products. That was obviously pre-Sam Evans. Lisa encouraged me to watch Sam's sales pitch. I was intrigued. I hadn't considered us as consultants, but that's what we were. The consulting accelerator program isn't easy. It makes you peel away misconceptions, the fuzzy feeling of how you're going to run your business, and things like that, but it does it in a constructive manner with up to date resources and lots and lots of information, and homework, and Sam. Sam exudes confidence, and enthusiasm, and that go getter attitude. He's a true marketer. If you listen to him and follow the instructions to a T, your bell will ring. Would I recommend this program to anyone? Yes, I definitely would. We have come away with a well paying customer and we're confident we're going to get more very soon. We know our niche. We know our product. We know our market and on top of that, we have Sam, and his team, and the consulting community behind us. If you're thinking about doing it, I would say go for it. Thank you.