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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Dentistry
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Since joining the course, Mateya has built the confidence to go out and talk to business owners to offer his services. He is happy to recommend this program to anybody.


Hi guys, Mateo Tomi from Toronto Canada here, originally from Cambria Australia back home. So life before the course, finished up my biomedical science program in June of 2016, then moved out to Canada in August 2016 as well. Moved out here to be with my girlfriend, when I was a few years back. So by the time I got here I was looking for a job and was kind of struggling a little bit, so I got a server job, was making $500, $600 a week which was fine, but it wasn't really what I had in mind. I kind of wanted something with international experience and really develop . And we all want a sense of freedom and higher levels of income that goes along with that. So that was life before the course. Once I got enrolled, which was around September, October when I had the money saved. I saw Sam's webinar and I though it would be a great thing to invest in, then I thought once the time was right I would delve into one. And then once I did the whole process was amazing. I learned so much with mindset training, sales and market training and experience, which is great. It's really a broad course, it really covers everything, it entails an entrepreneurial and business approach which I love. There's great people in the course you can network with, all around the world there's 10,000 of us. We also have a Q&A twice a week, which is great for answering questions and queries, and then we also have a lot of mentors in the group as well as Sam, who pitches in with advice and feedback for the guys, which is great. So after the course I essentially am making $3000 to $4000 per month, and I'm really only going part time on this guys, I'm doing a couple days a week, a couple of half weeks. I'm still serving and stuff. So on the first of April I'm quitting my server job and going full time with this, because I see the process, I see the scalability and the success is there, so I know it's all going to come to fruition. I've put the hard work in, and I know you guys can do the exact same as me. I'm super excited about Sam's new course because I think it's going to take everything to a whole other level. Really enthusiastic about it. So yeah life has been pretty good. I'm currently setting up my own website and looking to develop name cards, et cetera, and build up some finals to really scale up the business, because I have three to five clients in the pipeline. I have the confidence to walk into chiropractic offices and try to get a client, which I pretty much did the other day. So guys I've completely done a 360 rotation since the start of this course. It's been great an di would highly recommend it to anyone. If anyone has any doubts or queries please find me on LinkedIn, my name's Mateo Tomi. You can find me easily and ask me any questions, I'll give you my cell we can talk over the phone, and I can tell you more about the course in detail. It's a great return in investing guys, I would rather put a deposit on this than a house, because within a year you could probably buy a house outright if you follow the course correctly and follow Sam's guidelines. It's a super great course, and it's just amazing.