5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Dentists
  • Location: Lantana, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the Consulting Accelerator, Mark was experimenting in a few different niches and has began using the information provided in the course to market and grow his business.


Hey Sam, it's Mark Stoker in Dallas. Hey, I'm so excited to give you guys a testimonial on a consulting accelerator. I'm real excited to get into 2.0 as quick as I can. Before I got into consulting accelerator, I'd been digging around for different kinds of marketing tools. I have an investment advisory practice as well as a consulting practice. I kind of put dormant for a while because I've been testing different marketing ideas on my investor advisement practice and having some dead end results. I was blown away with Sam's thorough detail on how intricate it is to get off the ground with organic stuff, with direct out reach, and of course, with Face Book ads. I'm really excited to dig into the next step. I'm on week five right now and I've already done a strategy session. I'm just dropping lumpy mail right now. I'm excited just to see the results come through on the consulting community. Blown away. I'm seeing new ideas. How to develop my investment advisory practice, as well as, webinars for new products to show to outside communities as well as the consulting all in the same niche. My niche is Dennis as well as physicians and healthcare professionals on the investment advisory side. I've kind of forced myself to get into a niche on my advisory practice which I kind of put off for years. It made me look at different things. I've seen some of these tools before. I bought into other systems, like Russell Bronson's click funnels. I've done some of that. But, I just couldn't get connected on the dots. I've done Dan Henry's stuff, but it wasn't for me in style. This has been an immediate bell ringer. You guys like to ring the bell, I'm ready for that, too. Look forward to getting on 2.0 and digging in and more success to you all. Bye now.