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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Physiotherapy
  • Location: Knightdale, NC, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

"Before joining consulting accelerator, Rali did not believe in himself. He learned in the program how being a problem-solver makes somebody way more valuable than they think. Since joining, he has the confidence to go out and offer value to other businesses and describes the program as being ""invaluable."" "


Hey. My name is , and I live in North Carolina. Before this program, I really didn't think it was enough. I really didn't think that, since I'm 24 and I didn't have really an extensive amount of corporate experience, that I wouldn't be able to help businesses because I never worked my way up the ladder, like some people, but the program really taught me about, about the importance of solving problems. Solve issues. If you can solve their problem, then you make, you can get your way in any door that you want to get into because if you're the only person that can provide solutions, then you are more valuable than you actually think. That's something the program really, really drilled into me. Solve problems. Keep it simple. Solve problems. Since joining the program, I have the feeling that I can pretty much do anything I want as long as it solves issues. No matter the size of the company, no matter your goals, no matter whatever it is you want to do, if what you want to do solves an issue, you got it. That's the main point, and I don't feel like stopping at consulting will be a good choice for me because I now have the skills to do anything. I have the understanding. I have the knowledge, which was something I didn't have before this program. This program is truly invaluable. You can skip it, but you're going to go through years and years of issues trying to figure out what's correct, trying to figure out if what I'm doing ... Why is it what I'm doing working without a community, because the program provides a community for you. Over 5,000 people there to help you every single day, whatever question you have. Sam, himself, is a part of the community, the owner or the originator, the creator of the program, so you know that what he's doing ... if what he's doing is working, than you can replicate it because he is in the same position as you. Maybe a little more money but is on the same track. That's the main thing to take from this program. There's a track of solving issues, of providing solutions for businesses that need them. So, if I were you and this was your last chance to do something with your life that you actually enjoy and actually provide freedom for you because it's a digital business, everything can be done online, then this is your chance. Do it now, definitely.