5 Rating:
  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Gym Owners
  • Location: Lower Chittering, Western Australia, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

"After going through the Consulting Accelerator Liam was able get a clear picture and direction for his business. He was also been able to develop a strong mindset start scaling up his business. He mentions for anyone on the fence, ""This course will change your business and ultimately your life."" "


Hey guys. Liam Birkin from Perth, Australia here. I just want to share my experience going through Sam Oven's course, Consulting Accelerator. Now, before starting with Sam, I was in the digital marketing space and I was just trying to help any business do anything they needed done online. I was getting some small results, but I wasn't really going anywhere fast. While going through Sam's program, it helped me define my niche and my services and actually get a clear picture of my ideal client so that I could craft an offer that was irresistible to them. It also provided me the right mindset and the tools to define my sales process and actually sell clients. Now, within a couple of months of doing this part time, I set up two clients and made four and a half grand, so I made all my money back plus some. Guys, if you're on the fence, I recommend hopping in. It will change your business and ultimately change your life.