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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Digital Marketing for self-published Authors (testing phase)
  • Location: South Ripley, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Consulting Accelerator, Tye was looking for an idea to start a business. He found the program to very comprehensive along with the community of support for members. He is looking forward to starting his lead generation and has already gathered some leads.


Hi, it's Ti Hillman here from Brisbane Australia. Before life in the Consulting Accelerator, I was a captain in the Australian army. Had a pretty good career, it's only $100,000 a year, and my next 15 years was pretty much well laid in terms of my promotion and advancement all the way through to lieutenant colonel. I knew where I would be, what I'd be doing, and was pretty comfortable with where I was going. Whilst that was a great career ambition, I've had a long-held belief that i wanted to get into business for myself, I however, just never been able to decide what it is that I wanted to do. When I saw the Consulting Accelerator program it really spoke to me in a way that I knew that this would give me the opportunity to find out exactly what it is i wanted to do in business, for myself, and then pursue that. During the actual program itself, to be perfectly honest, it was fantastic. The course itself is very comprehensive and well laid out, and the community that's available through the Facebook group is just phenomenal. The people that are in there are genuinely there to help you succeed and will do everything they can to keep you up and stop you from falling down to the lows. The program itself, awesome, the community even better, and then there are things that I've learnt through the program, which even if I wasn't trying to set up my own business, they will stay with me for life and will be beneficial for me moving forward in life in general. Life after the program, well I have literally just finished. I have not commenced my 30 day attack yet, however I already have three warm leads, just through word of mouth, and are looking like a good way to start my 30 day attack with a number of clients before even making a single phone call. Very hopeful for the future, I'm very glad I've taken the course and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.