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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Weddings / Brides for my wife, however I also plan on helping accountants get more clients through digital marketing (being an accountant myself )
  • Location: Homebush, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining Consulting Accelerator, Trent was working in corporate for ten years but he and wife weren’t satisfied with the sales and marketing systems of his wife’s business. After joining the program, Trent and wife immediately dove into the coursework and gained valuable skills thanks to each training. Now Trent and his wife’s confidence have boosted and are now looking into going live with their funnel.


Hey guys, it's Trent Butler from Sydney, Australia here. I just wanted to shoot a very quick video to say thank you to Sam and his team at consulting.com for putting together what I really consider to be an amazing training package for consultants, and really just entrepreneurs anywhere. I'm a little bit different, probably, to Sam's traditional clients, because I have a full time corporate job. I'm a accountant, and I've been an accountant for nearly 10 years working in corporate Australia. What brought me to Sam's program was my wife. She's got a hair and makeup business. She's doing very well, but she wasn't completely satisfied with the sales and marketing systems that she had in place, and after doing some very brief research, I knew that this program would really answer all the questions that we had and give us a system that we can really put in place and get automatic clients just happening. The program hasn't disappointed. She is at a point now where we're about to go live with the final. It's all set up. We just got to upload the video. She's at a point where she's so confident, she's just gone part time in her full time job, so we plan on her to go full time in her makeup business very soon, which is really exciting. It's really rewarding knowing that something that I've done to help her out through this program is going to make a difference. It's really all because of the training. Thank you, Sam, for putting it all together ...