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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Wellness/Nutrition
  • Location: Charlottesville, VA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining Sam's course consisted of running her business for 7 years and has just sold the business in September 2017. She wanted to start a less stressful and demanding business. She always had a desire to start an online wellness business and joined Sam's course to do so. She has not been able to finish the course and start her business due to the long process of selling her first business.


Hey, it's Kate from Virginia. My life before the consulting program consisted of running my own company that was event promotion company that put on triathlons and running races. After seven years doing that I had the opportunity to sell it, so I just sold that business in January 2017. The reason I wanted to sell was because I'm just a passionate entrepreneur at heart and wanted to try my hand at something that might be a little bit less stressful than putting on events for hundreds of people. I had already started in commercial real estate. For a long time I had a desire to start up an online wellness company. For that reason, I bought Sam's consulting program in the fall of 2016. Finally, I am having more down time now that I can focus on this program. It's been hectic trying to get the business ready to sell, and then selling it has been more of a process than I expected. I'm still consulting for that new owner to help her with that smooth transition. But I finally have time to dig more into this. I'm excited to try out this new 20 consulting training program. I've seen so many posts on Facebook about all the successes everybody else has had with their own business, and all the sales that they're bringing in, so I know it does work from all the testimonials I've read on Facebook. I'm super excited to dig into it more and give it a go myself. Thank you Sam for putting this together. I'm looking forward to trying it and hopefully this next post will be a success story as well. Thanks.