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Prior to Sams course Rosa's mindset and ideas were scattered. After joining the course she became a best selling author with prospects around the world. The mindset training propelled her to a new level and allowed her to focus and get out there and promote herself.


Hi, my name is Rose Shiva. I am the best-selling author of "The Book of Rose". My name is also Rose Maina, and I'm so thankful to be doing this testimonial for Sam Ovens. Before Sam, I was a hobbyist. I used to be attracted to all those bright shiny objects out there. With Sam's training, I got really serious and clear about what I wanted for my life. His mindset training is awesome. I really found that I was afraid to be my full potential. But when I got into that mindset, oh my God, I became an international bestseller during this time. I also hired my first employee and stopped becoming a do-it-yourselfer, you know those people want do do everything by themselves and then it takes time for you to learn how to do it. Honestly, that's just a waste of time. Get a contractor was what Joshua Harris told me, he's one of the coaches. Jesse and him are terrific on the coaching calls, I cannot say enough about that. I also want to talk about Sam's sales coaching, oh my God, I was so scared to get on the phone and talk to my real people out there and once I did, you know even if they didn't buy or they weren't interested, I got to learn about what you know they needs were and that's the whole purpose of that strategy call, yes you want to book them, but I released the yes and I started learning about my market and that's so terrific about what Sam teaches. Sam is teaching us that we are business people and it takes time to grow a business. So I'm very very thankful for my results so far, I have one client, yay. I have one employee who is also called a contractor, and I stopped being a hobbyist. And I think that is my takeaways and I look forward to being a six-figure income earner part-time, next year. Thanks.