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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Dentists
  • Location: Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Charlie new he wanted to be an entrepreneur, but wasn't sure what he would do. Since joining Consulting Accelerator he has learned how to improve his mindset, improve his business, and start to land paying clients. He recommends the program for others who are looking to start a business or already have an existing one.


Hey guys John Heritage here from Oxford England. I'm just going to take a few minutes to share with you, my experience with Sam Oven's training program. How I found it, where I was when I started and where I am now? Initially, before I started with Sam I didn't have a business, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur of some sort. I came across his advert on Facebook. It was some guy going to teach me how to run a consultant business, so I thought, Okay, went through it, went through a video link and decided to go ahead with it. So, since actually getting on the program and going through it. It is amazing what actually is involved. I never thought it was going to be so advanced. I mean you go onto it just thinking that you're going to start a consulting business from scratch, which you do, but he teaches you about mindset and how mindset affects business. What I have really taken from it is without the mindset training, if you don't get that right first you're never actually going to get your business right, which is what Sam will teach you in his training. Where I am now, I've now got a digital marketing consultant business up and running. It's going well, and I'm just working with the program still creating the vision how Sam's taught us to grow it. So Anyone looking to actually go on the program and if you're on the fence whether or not to go ahead with it, I would definitely recommend it. It's definitely going to help you if you've got a business already or if you're looking to set one up. So that's all for now. Thanks for your time.