5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Wellness Consulting
  • Location: Shepherd, MI, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before taking the program, Kim was a single mom and was wanting to generate income from home so she could be with her children. After joining, she has clarity in her niche, and can now generate clients from around the country without leaving her home!


Hi, I'm Kimorsa coming to you from the middle of Emitton, out here in Michigan. As a single mother I've chosen to be self employed for a number of years in a variety of businesses. And my number one reason for doing that was I wanted to be there for my children, that was my priority. But through it all, it was really stressful because we were always just barely making it, it seemed like we were living on a prayer and hanging on by a thread. When I found the consulting accelerator, that changed my view point of what was possible. Sam's laid out a step by step process with proven results, predictable income, and the success that personally I craved. Without me having to sacrifice the priority of putting my children first. And just because I was an entrepreneur didn't mean I had to do it alone. There's a support community that you have lifetime access to and I can't even describe how valuable that is. I have the utmost respect for this program that Sam has put together, he's spent so much time and energy and it shows. And the integrity that stands behind the product has earned my respect. For the first time I'm on a path that's gonna yield different results. And for a program to inspire an introvert like me, to make my first ever testimonial video, that's pretty powerful. Thank you Sam.