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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Telecommunication consultant
  • Location: Bangui, Central African Republic
  • Consulting Accelerator

Tanue joined the program feeling a lack of confidence. Since joining, he has increased his income and gained more clarity in his life.


My name is Don . I'm from Cameroon, Central Africa. I would like to give you a brief history of my life during Sam's consulting course. Before I took this class, I'm working as a telecommunication engineer for about six years now. Before I took this course, I had a very low confidence level in office, working with customers and working with people who are older than me. So I had a lot of lack of confidence, especially in meetings and also to explain my work to people. I also had a very high level of difficulty figuring out the path to success, and also, how to increase my finances. During the course, I noticed that I started developing a very positive mindset and things became clearer to me. I started understanding the differences between the habits of a rich person and the habits of a poor person. So, Sam's course also motivated me to get up early from bed to get to work early. And also, very important, it helped me to focus on my work and to achieve more during my working hours. I also noticed that I started receiving positive comments from my friends and from my colleagues and from my family, relatives, and this boosted my confidence. So, after the course, I noticed that my life has changed completely. Things seems more figured out. I was very calm and I had a lot of confidence. I could speak better in meetings. I could achieve more in the workplace. I set more goals, and I achieved higher, and I also motivated in most of the stuffs in my team to work better and to achieve more better results. I noticed that my friends' lives was increasing and increasing with more people, more successful people. My bonus has increased so much, so much than before, just because of Sam's course. I would like to recommend this course to most people, because it has set me on the right path to success, and I would like my friends to achieve the same level of success in their businesses by applying what is taught in Sam's course. Also, I would like to add that at the end of the course, I had five prospects just by going out and talking to people about my services, and they became interested. All this is because of what I learned in Sam's course. So, this is a very good course. I would like everyone to follow it. Thank you.