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  • Location: columbus, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Consulting Accelerator, Sean had his own online course he was trying to scale but didn’t have a great proof of concept. After joining the program, Sean’s mindset regarding business was completely changed. He quickly opened his eyes to understanding a customer’s needs. Now Sean has closed several clients and is ready to scale his business. He recommends the program to anyone willing to win.


Hey, it's John from Ohio. I went through the Consulting Accelerator Program a few months ago, about three months ago, and it's a great program. What was life like before joining the program and working with Sam? Before joining the program, I had an online course that I was trying to get to work, to scale up through paid traffic. But I was completely missing certain things about paid traffic, and all this stuff. I think my proof of concept was really bad. What was life like during the process? Well, during the process, I went through the course, and it showed me deep insights, and it completely changed the way I thought about business, and the way that an actual successful business operates, in terms of customers, understanding their needs, and everything like that. It's a very challenging program, and it's only for people who want to win, basically. If you're not prepared to go through some hard, difficult exercises, I wouldn't recommend it. But, if you're a winner, you're gonna love the program. What is life like after going through the program and working with Sam? Well, I just closed $1000 a month client for a finance industry a few weeks back. Then, just yesterday, I closed a $5000 a month client, so I'm at $6000 a month from where I was at earlier, which was $500 a month with my online course business for dating help with men, basically helping guys with their dating lives. Yeah, so it's completely changed things around, and I'm looking forward to getting up to $50,000 a month and beyond with this program. And then would I recommend it? Definitely yeah, I would recommend it because something that's unique about this program is that it covers all the bases, and it doesn't leave any stones unturned. A lot of programs will just talk about how to find a profitable idea, or how to sell, or how to do ... They just give you one little piece of the puzzle, but this program gives you everything that you need to succeed. Definitely, if you want to win, go through this program. Yeah. Thanks, bye.