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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Digital Marketing for Pain Physicians/Bariatric Surgeons
  • Location: Houston, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Consulting Accelerator, Sapna was working at a hospital as a nurse. On the side she was helping some businesses and describes herself as not fully dedicated to her business. During the program she found her habits and overall health improve along with getting more serious about her business and has started landing clients and making money. She recommends the program to anybody out there.


Hi. My name is , and I provide digital marketing services to physicians, specifically pain physicians and bariatric surgeons. Before starting Sam's Consulting Accelerator program, I was actually a nurse, and I was working at a hospital, so I was just doing ... Here and there, I was doing a couple of Google AdWords and providing some website services to physicians and doing a little bit of cold outreach, but I wasn't really dedicated to it, nor was I really like properly structuring anything. Once I started the program and while I was taking the program, I definitely had a mindset shift. I changed the way I was dealing with everything completely and was really dedicated, especially week two of the program. It really got me thinking, and I changed a lot of my habits. One of them, including waking up early and working out and eating healthier, eating clean. That was just one of the many transformations that occurred. I definitely started doing my own research into my niche. Looking into things, I started pushing myself to getting more information about what I'm doing. I definitely started bringing more structure to our agency. I can say that after taking the program, not only have I changed a lot of my habits. I have also been able to successfully close a client. However, it's not a physician, but following Sam's sale call script, I was able to close the client. It felt amazing. Yeah, I mean I have yet to do a lot more things, but I am very confident. I will definitely recommend this program to anyone out there. I am the type of person who loves purchasing programs and getting education, and so I have quite a few programs. I can say that this definitely was one of the best ones. Sam makes a lot of sense in what he says. He's not just spitting out the same stuff. Whatever he says, it just makes sense and definitely, there are results to prove what he says is accurate. Yeah. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone out there.