5 Rating:
  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Legal/Biotech/Health
  • Location: San Diego, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Pierre has used Consulting Accelerator to grow his business into the mid-6 figures after learning how to leverage his professional experience with others.


Hi, this is Pierre , San Diego, California. Just wanted to let you know that the consultant accelerator program has really helped. I am a trial lawyer, 25 years of experience. I have done advising 300 plus businesses, but what I did not have as I've shifted away from full time practice of law, I did not have really a structure to turn what I have done for 25 years in my law practice, I didn't have the tips, the tricks, the structure to turn into a consulting business. That's what consulting accelerator has done for me. Really, and thanks Sam in putting this together. It's a cost effective, easy to use video program that I found to have some great insight to, really, how to do this as a business and really, really make some money. Specifically, what I do is more the legal/business consulting I can do for various businesses, so in terms of a niche I have a broad base of companies that I can consult with, so again, I would recommend this to anyone who's serious about setting up a consulting business. Again, it's a great program. I appreciate the opportunity to have better tools through Sam's commitment to consistently upgrade the program. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, I actually already have. Some of my own younger coaching clients, I have recommended to them to help them to really launch and give structure to their own business. I have four businesses and a law practice, so again, this is one slice of what I do. Again, great program. Thank you Sam, appreciate the opportunity, and all the best.