5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Health/Wellness
  • Location: Milwaukee, WI, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Patti has found the Consulting Accelerator very helpful. She came into the program as a business owner and joined looking to improve her social media. She is currently working on implementing the program and would absolutely refer others.


Hi my name is Patty Ploom and I'm from Milwaukee Wisconsin and I'd like to thank Sam for developing this course. It has been very, very helpful to me. And maybe for a different reason then for others. I already have a niche and that is nursing, I also own a company for it's called Helix, which is an employer sponsored wellness company. And the reason I took this course is because during the time when social media came out, wellness was exploding so I missed the learning curve. And when I heard about Sam's program I purchased it immediately because we were going through a merger with a company of equals so we were doubling our size and capturing the marketplace in our area, in the Midwest actually. And so it was very important to add social media to our marketing strategy and so that's why I took Sam's course along with one of my employees, Candice Sanders who's our marketing director. We actually are implementing this course into our strategic marketing plan. I just want to thank you Sam again for this wonderful course you've developed and absolutely would I refer others without a doubt. Have a blessed day.