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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Helping small business owners that are stuck at 6 figures grow and scale
  • Location: Conwy Morfa Business Park, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Nick joined the program looking to reinvent himself and start to help others. He highly recommends the program to others and has enjoyed the initial weeks so far.


Hey. It's Nicholas here from Liverpool, UK. I joined the Consulting Accelerator Program about six weeks ago, and I just wanted to shoot a quick video to say thanks to Sam Ovens and the Consulting Accelerator team. I'm slightly different from others in the community that I'm already a director of a fairly successful seven-figure business, but I've been wanting to reinvent myself because I love helping others. During the process of the program, I was really starting to understand how to do this and turn my passion into a real business. Now, I've almost completed the program, and I'm so thankful for joining it and the golden opportunity that Sam is providing us. You could say that one of the modules are low and is worth tax the program cost. I mean, I've now started a business around my passion of helping other business owners quickly grow and scale their business, which is an absolutely dream come true for me. I'm making more money. I'm working less. I'm helping others, and most importantly, I enjoy my new life, so thanks to Sam and his team. All I can really say is that if you're contemplating whether or not to join his program or any of Sam's programs, it's an absolute no-brainer because the amount of value that you receive with these programs, there's really no stone really unturned. I thank you, and good luck.