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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Consultant/Life Coach Bariatric Surgery
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Natalie is brand new to Consulting Accelerator and is committed to making sure she hits 6-figures very soon.


Hi. This is Natalie Ren from Phoenix, Arizona, and this is my intro video for the Accelerated program. I am a new student. I'm just now upgrading from 1.0 to 2.0, so I haven't actually started in on my modules, however, I have been inside of the community. I will say that before I started, or I enrolled in this program, and I watched the webinar, as soon within, like, three minutes, not even three minutes, okay, two minutes, minute and a half, okay, let's just be honest, a minute and a half of watching Sam, I knew right at that point that this was a program that I definitely, not only needed to perfect my business, but it was also something I desperately wanted. I really wanted this program desperately. During the entire webinar, Nick Hauser and I talked back and forth this entire program, who is fantastic. Before this program, I'm a strategic life coach, but I addressed several, several areas. Finding my niche was a piece of cake for me because I'm a surgical assistant and also a corporate trainer for surgery, so I was able to really just nail my niche right away. I haven't taken the course and so for me to say what my life is before, is, like, I wasn't making any money as a life coach, even though I did a lot of advertising on Facebook. I have my own website. I've done a lot of different things. I have my own page on Facebook. I have over 1200 people that come. It's very a positive, uplifting Facebook page for people, so they come and check it out all the time. I love it. I can't talk about during the course because I have yet to start the course, but I can guarantee that I have built website platforms as a corporate trainer and I have looked at Sam's and how he has separated it into modules, which his a wonderful, wonderful way to do teaching because I've taught surgery for five years. I love the platform. I love the way it is set up. I think it's fantastic. I can't tell you what my life is going to be, or has been, after this program because I haven't finished it, but I will. I will finish it. I guarantee it. I will tell you what my vision is of when I finish this program. I will be meeting Sam in his apartment with six figures, and I guarantee that within 21 months of just finishing this program, my husband is going to be able to quit his job and I am going to solely be the only income source for my family. We're going to live comfortably and have a wonderful life. Currently, I'm on disability from a car accident. That's going away too. No more disability. Me, and only me doing what I love to do. I love you guys. See you soon. Bye-bye.