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  • Level: Starting
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  • Location: Singapore, Singapore
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Consulting Accelerator Markus had been working in person consulting clients in sales and marketing. He joined the program to take things online to start building a business that was scalable. He speaks highly of not only the business strategies but also the mindset training in week 2. He highly recommends the program for others.


Hi. My name is Michael Swisher. For the last 25 years or so, I'm traveling throughout Asia and training sales guys on marketing and marketing sale services. When I was thinking to bring my skills a little bit to the next level, open my own consultant company, but I have no idea how to do it. I do have a lot of experience in sales, and I have a lot of one-to-one calls, one-to-one meetings, five people in a room up to a hundred with Power Point presentations with my skills and expertise. It was not a problem, but to bring it to the next level into the internet in front of a hundred thousand people. I see new ads and offerings, that is a completely different ballgame and you need a lot of information and skills in order to do that. You need the right mentor. So I bought the course from Sam, and I have to admit that there is a ton of information. Lucky that he has or smart of him that he has released all this information compartmented livestream and he has released them week-by-week. Because otherwise you would get overwhelmed. I'm absolutely grateful for this information. He has it from A to Z, from the mindset up to the accounting. And very important is, and I found it very interesting, it's the first two weeks, when he was talking about the mindset, because without the mindset, you will not make it. That's not so that you can jump in direct into the Facebook ads and whatever funnel you have to use in order to provide the people with all your information and your course or whatever you want to offer. But the mindset is the really most important thing. If you don't have the right mindset, you will not make it. It's simple like that. So, and that was very, very interesting and he took his time to explain everything, the evolution of a consultant and the way it works, up to as I said, do the accounting so that you know how to deal and manage your money. All the calculations and spreadsheets and information, all the worksheets that was really profound. Really, really interesting. I can highly recommend it. After this course, I'm absolutely excited. I'm really exhilarated. I want to move forward and really go into my course and offer it on the internet. So, I do have the skills now. There is much more to learn. I'm looking forward to work with Sam together. And, yeah guys. Go ahead. He's the real deal. There's do doubt about it. Can make nothing wrong with that. Cheers.