5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Architecture
  • Location: Buccinasco, Italy
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Consulting Accelerator, Marco didn’t want another 9-5 job and finally took the leap to start his own business. After joining the program, Marco knew he made the best decision and soon began feeling more confident in himself. Now Marco is on the track to taking his business to take it to the next level and to help others. He recommends the program to anyone thinking to purchase.


Hi, my name is Marco, I'm calling from Italy, Milan. I'm shooting this video just because I want to say thank you to and Sam Ovens. I started this course after I actually got fired from my nine to five job. And instead of looking for another nine to five job I decided to start my online business, so I took the leap and I bought the Sam Ovens course, which was a great decision because after buying the course, after going through the training I started feeling better and better and right now I'm at the point of launching my own business, I have the confidence to do that, and also I'm going to help other people as well. So I went from feeling sad to feeling good about myself. So I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is thinking to buy it because I can tell you that it's the most complete one. When I was working my nine to five job I tried different courses like affiliate marketing, trading online, and many other things, but I can tell you this one is the one, it's the most complete, you have everything, and just do the work.