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  • Consulting Accelerator

After retiring, Marc was looking to start his own business. He joined Consulting Accelerator and describes it as a revolutionary business program.


Hey, everybody. Mark here to make this short video and tell you a little bit about my story before I came across Sam Ovens and his Consulting Accelerator Program. I've been in the insurance business since the early 1990s and I had done pretty darn well towards the end of my career. As a matter of fact, over the last 10 years, I was responsible for over $200 million in insurance business. Now, full disclosure, I didn't get to keep anywhere near that. The agency, the corporation kept the lion’s share of the revenue, but I got a little bit in commission and didn't do too bad, and it allowed me to retire before I was age 50. I got to do a lot of fun stuff, travel, and do all kinds of cool things, but I always kept my foot in the water talking to agents and agency owners who I’d come across in my career. I decided I’m going to start a business, a consulting business, helping, so bang. I’m a consultant. My mission is really to help insurance agencies and agency owners to build their business and raise their incomes to the six, seven, and eight-figure mark as well. Well, I’m always looking for the latest and greatest technologies, and I decided to turn on to YouTube and look around for business stuff one day, and I came across Sam Ovens. Now, here is this young guy talking about starting your businesses garage, drinking bubbly water, and is giving business advice, but it was pretty interesting because it was actually some really great advice. I decided to enroll in a webinar and sign up to watch his webinar. I stayed through the entire thing because what he was talking about was so different than anybody else out there. It wasn’t a typical internet marketing ladder. It was very different and very powerful. To make a long story short, I got off the fence and decided to enroll in the Consulting Accelerator Program, and boy am I glad I did. He has put together probably one of the most comprehensive, in-depth business programs that I have ever, ever come across. Not a boring talk through but an action packed business program where he literally will revolutionize what you're doing in the course and span of this program. This training is phenomenal. There are two things that stuck out to me more than anything, and that was the mindset portion that he had, which really was so different and revved up your running, get you raring to go again and again and again, and his sales talk. What he talks about in sales and the template he provides you is different than anything I had come across in my 20 years of sales. That, combined with the mindset, is worth 10 times the cost of enrolling in this program. Well, to update you, I did everything he said to do on the program. I turned on the machine and then bang, I have clients. It’s like, this stuff really works and it’s very powerful. I’m very excited about the future. I’m raring to go every day because of the mindset, and I have to tell you, if you're on the fence, get off the fence and enroll in this program. You will not be sorry you did. Not only will you get to hear the guy talk about how great bubbly water is, but you get some of the best business advice you will ever get, so if you're on the fence, enroll in the Consulting Accelerator Program. I did.