5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Professional women managing stressful change and reducing anxiety
  • Location: SYDENHAM, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the program, Lucy was lacking direction and organization in her business. During the program she found the content to be very comprehensive. She now has more systems in place and is working on landing clients.


Hi, I'm Lucy and I'm from Melbourne. Before the Consulting Accelerator program, I pretty much lacked direction for my coaching and counseling business. I didn't really have any systems or processes in place, didn't do much marketing, and during the program I found it to be quite comprehensive, covered so much. I learned about creating a niche, honing a niche, creating an offer, and also looking at mindset training and looking at a sales script and adapting the sales script to your niche. Looking at maintaining financial records and having client agreements, knowing about client expectations, looking at paid and unpaid advertising and paid Facebook ads. Hiring contractors, and also about how to grow your platform, as well as covering quite a bit of information about software and resources you can use to have these processes in place. After the program, I did run an organic face post, so I'm hoping to get clients from that, and I've put more systems in place such as PayPal For Business, arranging my Google accounts, specifying my niche, and I plan to email subscribers through my monthly newsletter that I have. Yeah, so look, I would definitely recommend Sam's program, it's just amazing, it covers everything. I've never done a training course that just pretty much covers all aspects of business and your personal life as well. It's very holistic, because it does cover the mindset aspect of it, creating a vision for yourself. I would definitely recommend Sam's program. Thanks, Sam.