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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: SMB's
  • Location: Caldes d'Estrach, Spain
  • Consulting Accelerator

Josep speaks very highly of the program and has utilized it to already make $10,000. He highly recommends the program to others and believes it is more than a great investment.


Hello, everyone. from Barcelona speaking. I record this video to share with you my thoughts about Sam Consulting Accelerator Program. Let me introduce myself. After more than 20 years working for large corporations in the technology sector as sales executive, during the last eight years I was doing consultative selling to large multinationals, selling five or six digits of our solutions. Despite the nice compensation package, it was part of all those plan. Then, I decided to change my life and do what I was made to do. I left and build my own consulting firm to provide strategic business consultancy. video in Facebook and I have just completed . I really am impressed about the content. It is awesome. They could preferably charge three times the price that they charge and I absolutely recommend coaches and to listen. Why? First, you will get help to change your mindset, which is very important. I mean a bit of personal coaching, necessary to do a change in your professional life as well. Then, you will understand the basics of consulting business and how to find your niche, your specific niche. Sam will help you as well to learn how to get your first clients, then probably the most awesome marketing techniques in the planet with Facebook ads. He will show you his own sales funnel and how to basically clone it and, finally, to automate all these processes. We have started in our new company to implement it with good results, getting first organic clients and during next weeks I have to finalize the whole process with my partner, who is in charge of the whole operations with a more technical background. By the way, he, after more than 25 years, like me, is as well impressed. Sam, I say it, during almost 27 years of professional dealing with high-level executives and C-level managers, I haven't found someone that is able to work with your level of accuracy, your level of detail and organization. By the way, your disruptive thinking on how you lead these ideas to your program put your site above the rest. Again, congratulations for this awesome program and for some who are questioning if it's a good investment, it is more than this. This will be the best investment in your entire life if you are ready for a change and have the capability and the determination to do it. See you soon.