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5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Day Spa owners
  • Location: Hendersonville, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining Consulting Accelerator, Jonathan was working as a finance manager but continued to feel a calling to continue with his passion for creating his own business. After joining the program, Jonathan narrowed down his niche and started his own done-for-you service. Now Jonathan has built sustaining relationships in his industry and looking forward to making a great and lasting income.


Hey, this is John Davis from Nashville, Tennessee. I wanted to leave a very cool testimonial for Sam Ovens and his Consulting Accelerator program. I joined the program about two months ago, working a nine to five job, making about $93,000 a year as a finance manager and I kept feeling this calling that I needed to do what it is that I really wanted to do, which was actually start my own digital marketing agency following the path that Sam recommended. I started my journey as somebody who knew nothing about the industry that I choose to go into and with the help of the Accelerator program, I was able to first of all, follow the steps that Sam gave to us for starting a done for you service. Now as you learn from the program, that done for you service is the absolute base of the consulting line of progression and Sam's program helped me to really narrow down first of all who I was going to work with and taking somebody that has a nine to five job and learning an entire industry requires step by step walking to accomplish and I did exactly that. I was able to establish relationships with key people in this industry who I would not have had contact before and had the courage to approach with a very structured offer and a very structured step by step program that I can offer this industry that's definitely a need. I was able to research that industry, get ahold of these kep stakeholders and start building relationships all from scratch, all in a period of about three weeks. Thanks to the Accelerator program I have the confidence of the network behind me to be able to continue to move forward, so fast forward to now. I'm now phasing out of my full time job and looking forward to be making over the next two months the exact same amount of income that I made at my job in the last year. Thank you Sam, thank you to the Consulting Accelerator program and for being a great resource for us there. I appreciate you, looking forward to making 300 to $400,000 this year, which will be the largest amount of money that I've made in my life at all. Thanks Sam. Take care, bye bye.