5 Rating:
  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Digital Marketing for Social/Eco/Conscious Businesses
  • Location: Eivissa, Spain
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jo joined the Consulting Accelerator and has already landed two new clients and feels much more confident in her ability to charge for her services and land new clients.


Hey, it's and I'm from the UK. I live here in Ibiza, in Spain and I am currently doing the Consulting Accelerator Program. I have loved it, and I have two new clients already within the first month, so I'm eternally grateful to the program. Initially it seemed quite businessy to me and I was quite touched to my identity as a advertising copywriter. I'm creative, I think up the ideas for ads, and I write the words. I'm a musician so I was quite attached to the identity, but the programs helped me really round out this character and really appreciate that I do need to have business skills because I work remotely from here, from Ibiza, and I'm supporting my family and I was just working and through word of mouth recommendations and I wasn't making enough money. This course has helped me get two new clients already and I have a lot more confidence about how I talk about myself as a business. I'm now going to serve a niche of social eco conscious businesses who are wanting to help people and plan it. So that makes me feel really great about my skills and experience because there are people who need it who I feel really joyful about working for. Every week has brought something new on the course. I've loved learning everything on it, and I can't wait. I'm still putting the action points together and making sure I follow every part of the course. It's foundational, this course, it really helps you as a person. It's not just a self-help program and it's not just a business program. It is everything. If you're thinking about trying it, please do, it will change your life. Thank you.