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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: People with low back pain
  • Location: Rocklin, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining Consulting Accelerator, Jason wasn't feeling fulfilled and was at a plateau. He and his family noticed a change in his behaviors for the better and he is looking forward to grow his business.


Hey, it's Jason McCraw from California. And before joining the Consulting Accelerator program, I found myself kind of at a plateau with my work, and just not being fulfilled with the whole business model. I'm in the health and wellness industry, and I was working in a clinic, and I was looking for ways to diversify my education and find ways that I could leverage working from home, being with my wife and my family and church, having more time with those things. And so during the program I actually found myself getting up earlier than I ever had, getting more tasks done in a shorter amount of time, as well as getting feedback from people like my wife saying, "Hey, you're following through more, you're more organization, what's going on here?" So that was really fulfilling. And then I had so many ideas flooding through as I was going through the program, that I wanted to get a more clearcut idea, a blueprint of what I wanted to do within the health and wellness industry. So, I walked away from my work and I've been able to develop that over the last six weeks. It's been a little bit slower process for me, but I've really been able to digest the information. So, after the program I'm going to be going through this program and repeating it, just reinforcing a lot of the ideas. But, I do plan on getting to a point where, in the next couple of months, actually I'm able to grow this business exponentially. So, I'm really feeling good about that. So, I would recommend this program to anyone who's looking to take a trowel a work trowel over their life and work life balance, as well as just integrating it into your profession that you're currently in. And it's all in there, in the program, it's the community, it's wrapped around you. And I've just been really grateful for that. So, awesome, I think that's it and thank you.