5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: I help Lean Agile Consultants and Coaches get more leads using Digital Markering
  • Location: Saint Petersburg, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining Consulting Accelerator, Jarrad quit his job and created a new startup company. After starting the program, he resonated with the mindset training and continue to learn the steps he needed to take in his life before growing a business. Jarrad is currently speaking with his target market and hopes to obtain more sales in the future.


Hey, it's Gerard from Florida. I have been in the program about 45 days now and absolutely love it. Before starting the program, I was still working a full-time job. I was making six-figures as a software engineer and a software developer involved with and organization that also had another business startup where we build play book apps for mobile devices football, basketball, and soccer. I quit my full-time job, moved to Florida with my wife, we actually both quit our jobs, and we decided to do our thing full time, and that is when I decided to purchase the program. I had been familiar with some of the things Sam was doing, and already knew that the Mindset training was going to be incredible, and just couldn't wait. Once I started the program, as I said, I've been in the program about 45 days, the Mindset, the first two weeks is worth the $2,000 alone if not more. Just as fast as getting everything straight, particularly about yourself and the thing that you need to do with your life before you can even think about starting a business on your own. I've been in the program about 45 days, haven't gotten any sales yet, but I've been able to do a lot of talking to my target market. I've been able to get strategy sessions very easily. In fact, I've had over 10 calls with potential customers in my niche of agile development. After the course, I'm going through it again, I was really excited to get started and once I got to a point in the course, I kind of just went balls in and started doing outreach and strategy sessions, but didn't quite finish the material so now I'm going back to the material for a third time, making sure I have everything set up with my work, but I have no doubts that within the next 45 days, I will have one, if not more sales in my niche. We'll the course a five rating, no doubt, I look forward to the other training that Sam had as well. I look forward to meeting Sam here in a few months once I hit the $100K mark. Thanks.