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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: I help twin flames get back together quickly, simply and permanently.
  • Location: Ponte Vedra Beach , United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the program, Elle wasn't making the money she wanted. She joined Consulting Accelerator a was able to make a massive shift in her thinking, increase her prices, and was able to land three new clients during the program.


I'm Elle in Florida and before I started Consulting Accelerator and working with Sam, I was in business for exactly one year and I had made in that year a total of $12,000. But during Consulting Accelerator and working with Sam, I went through a complete transformation. I never had a lack of proof of concept or lack of people or clients who need my services, but I was just afraid to charge any more than a few hundred dollars for my services. I'm in a spiritual niche and it's kind of taboo to mention money in those circles sometimes and I had gotten basically towed off by people before just for asking for a few dollars for PDFs and stuff. So, I was kind of very hesitant to raise my prices at all, to charge for the value that I'm giving to my clients, which is priceless. But during Consulting Accelerator, I was able to really put my business first, to really make my business a serious thing, and to give it the respect that it deserves and to really treat it like a business. I guess I was having difficulty before working with Sam in separating the nature of my business - which is very personal with people - from the fact that it is a business and it isn't personal at all. So I'm not able to make that distinction and really put my businesses and prioritize them and, in so doing, I raised my prices from basically a few hundred dollars to $3,000 each and I got three clients in one week during the Consulting Accelerator program. So that's nine grand in one week when, previously in the whole previous year, I only made 12 grand. So, wow, what an improvement and I've totally transformed as well. The mindset work as well as the sales work have been gold for me and I can't thank Sam enough for those things. Those alone, they're two modules that are worth, I mean, ten times at least what I paid for this program. After Consulting Accelerator now, I am just ready to take my business to totally new heights, to scale it, and to make it a million dollar business that it can be, that I know now it can be. So thank you so much, Sam, and everyone in your company. You're all amazing. Also, everyone in the Facebook group is amazing as well. They're all rockstars, thank you so much. I highly recommend this program to anyone. Do not hesitate. This is the best investment you will ever make, in yourself as well as your business.