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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Project for Startup
  • Location: Taipei, Northern Taiwan, Taiwan
  • Consulting Accelerator

Meet David from Taiwan. He helps businesses in Asia structure their tasks and projects.


Hello. My name is David and I'm from Taiwan. I used to run my own consulting company, teaching clients all over Asia with project management. The reason that I enrolled in this course is because there are some fundamental gap that ... fundamental concept that I think I didn't get in order to expand my business. After taking a look at the courses, there are some fundamental key concept that really made me think through the way how I promoted my business. Then it really helped me to expand and find the right customer that valued the work that I do. After taking the courses, with the same effort, I'm able to expand my business and the clients are more happy. Once again, I thank you so much for the key concepts and the methodology that are shared in these courses and I hope this will benefit to more people. Definitely this is a course that heavily recommend to other people. Once again, thank you so much. So happy that I was able to enroll in this class. I really want more people to help more people through the work of consulting. All right, once again, thank you so much. Okay. Bye bye.